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Insurance loan cardiac problem

Insurance loan cardiac problem

In case of heart problem, the subscription of a mortgage can be complicated because of the impossibility to insure your loan with the loan insurance of the bank.

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Play the competition to get the health risk loan insurance contract heart problem you need to secure your home loan!

Compare health risk loan insurance with heart problem

Compare health risk loan insurance with heart problem

The Insurance Loan Insurance Online Loan Comparison Tool offers you the ability to quickly compare the best loan insurance offers that best match your profile and your situation of borrower with heart problem.

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Securing a mortgage in the event of a heart problem

Securing a mortgage in the event of a heart problem

Loan insurance offered by banks to borrowers is a “group contract”. This insurance is based on the principle of spreading the risks between the members, clients of the banking establishment. The level of coverage being standard, this insurance can not guarantee the aggravated health risks, business risks, sports risks or leisure. As the heart problem is part of the aggravated health risks, it is in your interest to go in search of specialized insurers who will be able to offer you specific insurance to the aggravated health risk heart problem.

Choosing Your Loan Insurance With a Heart Problem

The Lagarde Act of 1 September 2010 allows borrowers to take out their loan insurance outside the credit institution. It is then a “delegation of insurance”. Thanks to this device, it is possible for you to put in competition the different companies and insurers specialized in aggravated health risks to obtain a custom contract at the lowest price of the market.

Delegation of health risk loan insurance heart problem

By proceeding with an insurance delegation with the Insurance-Loan-Not-Expensive broker, you get the best insurance contract loan risk aggravated health heart problem market and have the guarantee that it can not be refused by your bank.

The AERAS convention

The AERAS convention

The AERAS agreement (Insurance and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) makes it possible to find a solution to insure people with a health problem so that they can access the loan.

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