Impose a delegation of insurance loan after stenting

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Loan insurance after stenting

Loan insurance after stenting

You have been operated so that you are asked a stent (metal device now open an artery) and you want to become a homeowner today? The transaction you have undergone may make it difficult to obtain your home loan because of a refusal of loan insurance from the bank.

Play the competition between insurance companies to find a loan insurance that supports the specific risk stent and thus get your mortgage!

Guarantee a home loan when you wear a stent

Guarantee a home loan when you wear a stent

No one is legally obliged to take out loan insurance when borrowing. But banks have a habit of asking for this insurance to grant a mortgage because it is a guarantee for them that they will receive the repayment of monthly payments. Loan insurance covers the risks of death-disability, incapacity for work and loss of employment (optional guarantee) of the borrower.

The group insurance contract that banks systematically offer to borrowers is not designed to cover a borrower with a stent or a health problem. Your bank can refuse to give you insurance because its insurance pool risks on all members at a standard level and then excludes any aggravated risk. To get your mortgage, you must go in search of loan insurance with aggravated health risk stent.

Delegate your insurance to get your coverage contract with risk aggravated health stent

With the Lagarde law, everyone is free to subscribe to their loan insurance with the professional of their choice. You can therefore compete with the largest insurance companies and specialized insurers to find the best insurance loan.

 Compare insurance loans risk aggravated health stent

Compare insurance loans risk aggravated health stent

Use the insurance comparator Insurance Loan-not-expensive to find the best insurance loan health risk stent market and get all your quotes in one click!

  • Comparator insurance stent loan
  • Stent credit insurance rate
  • Quote insurance stent loan
  • Custom study insurance stent loan
  • Health questionnaire
  • Free reminder of a dedicated advisor

How to impose your loan insurance delegation with Sally Bowles.fr?

Applying to the insurance broker-Loan-not-expensive to get your insurance loan risk stent, ensures you to benefit from the contract insurance loan with risk stent at the lowest market rate and guarantees to measure: your bank can not refuse your insurance delegation Insurance-from-loan-not-expensive!

The AERAS convention

The AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with Increased Health Risk) convention is a device that is triggered to find a solution for people who are denied loan insurance because of their health problem.

  • Learn more about insurance delegation
  • Learn more about the AERAS convention
  • Learn more about the Lagarde Law
  • Learn more about loan insurance with aggravated health risk
  • Contact a specialized risk consultant aggravated health stent
  • Get a quote insurance loan stent
  • Make a comparative insurance loan stent


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