Borrow money without income? The options at a glance

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If you have no income for a while, you can get into financial trouble. Taking out a loan is not always a good idea. Yet there are situations where borrowing money is necessary. For example, because the car or washing machine breaks down and you cannot pay the bill for a while or because you have to undergo a medical procedure that is not or only partially reimbursed. All reasons why borrowing money without income is desirable. You can find out how you can borrow money in a good and especially responsible way on Credit Savers.

Loan based on your income

Loan based on your income

Most loans are provided based on your income. After all, lenders want the certainty that you can also repay the loan amount. If there is (temporarily) no income, this can be difficult but certainly not impossible. Credit Savers has listed all the information about borrowing money without income for you. You can obtain money without income in the following ways:

  • Borrow money from family or friends
  • Borrow money through the social bank
  • Take out a mini loan

Borrow money through family or friends

Borrow money through family or friends

Borrowing money through family or friends is usually the most cost-effective way to borrow money without income. But this is not always possible or desirable. The personal relationship with friends or family can change due to such a business transaction. Or you would rather not be accountable for what you need money for and why. In addition, it is not always possible to borrow money because there is no one around or because there is no money.

The social bank or credit bank

The social bank or credit bank

The social bank is also called the credit bank. People without income or with benefits can go here for a loan. The social bank falls under the municipality. If you want to be eligible for a loan from the social bank, then you must go to the municipality. The social bank looks at your personal situation and they assess your application based on the necessity of your loan goal. You can sometimes borrow money for new furniture or a television or computer. You can borrow up to € 5,000 from the social bank. These loans are usually repayable and your personal situation is taken into account.

Take out a mini loan


If you prefer not to be accountable for your loan objective or you need little money, you can also opt for a mini loan. A mini loan is also referred to as flash credit. With this loan form you borrow a small amount, between € 100 and € 1500, usually at a high interest rate. Borrowing money without income is possible with a mini loan because you don’t have to send a payslip. The term of the loan is, however, short. This means that you have to repay the loan after 15 to 62 days. Be realistic if you can pay off the loan within that period. If you expect to be without income for a longer period of time, then this may not be the right form of borrowing for you. But if you are in between two jobs or have applied for benefits and you expect to have income again soon, a mini loan is a good way to borrow money without income.

What is a personal guarantor?

What is a personal guarantor?

With regular loans, your loan amount is determined on the basis of your income and housing costs. That way the lender knows that you can repay the loan. With a mini loan you do not have to provide this information. To be sure that the provider gets the loan back, you need a personal guarantor. This person guarantees you.

Do you have anyone who wants or can guarantee you? Then you can also opt for an external guarantor via the lender. However, this often involves high costs. When applying for a mini loan, you must also include the details of your personal guarantor:

  • Copy of identification
  • Bank statement from the guarantor
  • Signed joint and several liability agreement

How can you apply for a mini loan?

How can you apply for a mini loan?

A mini loan is quickly applied online. It is precisely because there are no calculations based on income or testing at the BKR that you can borrow money quickly without income. The steps to apply for a mini loan are as follows:

  1. Choose the amount you want to borrow and the term
  2. enter your information
  3. Upload your proof of identity such as an ID, Passport or Driving License
  4. Choose a guarantor and upload all required data if you choose a personal guarantor
  5. Verify your account via iDeal
  6. Send the request

Compare the different providers

Whatever loan type you choose, borrowing money costs money. Therefore, carefully weigh all options to prevent financial problems. Have you thought about how you want to borrow money without income? Then compare the different providers to determine what is the most advantageous offer for you. Go with a reliable party. At Credit Savers you will find different parties where you can request a quote. 

Right to money

Right to money

Even if you have no income, you are still entitled to money. For example in the form of a benefit. It may pay off to get a good look at this to prevent major financial problems. On www.rechtopgeld.nl you can check what you are entitled to in your specific situation. You will then immediately see for which benefits and allowances you are eligible and how and where you can apply for them. In some cases you are entitled to a loan from special assistance. This is provided by the municipality. Sometimes this loan is even free and you don’t have to pay back the loan. Do you feel that you are getting into financial difficulties? Is more going out than coming in and do you feel that you are losing control? Then call on the municipality as soon as possible for help. They can help you further. 

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